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2/27/2017 (Permalink)

  1. Who do I call in the event of an emergency?

No matter how large or small your loss may be, it is the best idea to call SERVPRO as soon as possible to minimize as much damage as we can. We are open 24/7 (even major holidays) and here to help you through this very stressful and difficult time. We have a “1-4-8” policy which means our company will return your call within 1 hour, be onsite within 4 hours and update the insurance agent/adjuster within 8am.

  1. What if the loss happens at 2am?

Call SERVPRO! Let’s face it; disasters never happen when you are sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon. They happen when you’re at work or on the beach. No matter the time of day or night, we will be ready to make it “like it never even happened.” Program our number into your cell phone, so in the case of an emergency our number is readily available. Our office number is 830-379-7474 and is answered 24/7.

  1. How long will I be displaced from my home?

This very much varies on the severity of the loss, but most times, homeowners are able to stay in their home while we mitigate.

  1. If I stay in my home, how loud will all of the equipment be?

This depends on how many pieces of equipment we will leave at your house. They can get a little loud so talk to your adjuster about your options.

  1. What about all of my valuables? How will I know who will be in my home?

All of our employees are heavily background checked. We do not allow, nor tolerate any type of theft. We pride ourselves on hiring well-mannered and honest employees.  However, we ask that all items of value like jewelry, guns and ammo be removed or secured we begin work.

  1. What should I do if I would like to file a claim on my insurance?

Call your local agent and tell them that SERVPRO has been onsite to assess the damage and then we will be in contact with your agent or adjuster within 8 hours.

  1. Is there a job that is too large for you to manage?

Absolutely not! We have dried out the Emergency Room at the Weimar hospital which is a 12,000 square foot facility along with traveling to storm impacted areas such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Ike, Polar Vortex in Mississippi and the massive flooding in Detroit. We are equipped and ready for your large loss or commercial facility.

  1. What can I do before you arrive?

 Access the “Until Help Arrives” menu on our homepage and follow tips provided for your fire, water, mold or bio hazard loss. 

SERVPRO has some awesome equipment, like this Legend Brand Electro-Gen Fogger

11/8/2016 (Permalink)

Legend Brand Electro-Gen Fogger

When do we use the Electro-Gen Fogger?

Use to deodorize structures, garments, automobiles, etc. after fires or from other malodors. Use for deep penetration of deodorizers where cleaning cannot reach.

How it works:

Thermal fogging uses heat to convert liquid into fig of extremely small droplets. That fog is able to penetrate much like the smoke from a fire to deodorize.


Durable, compact design

Can be used for both thermal fogging and cold mist spraying

Produces a true "dry fog"

Fog application rate of 1000 cubic feet per minute

Can be used with solvent-based and SERVPRO Aqua fog water-based fogging products. Other water based products should be used for cold spraying only.

Adjustable metering knob.

Thermostatically controlled heating element provides operating temp. of 450 degrees to 525 degrees

Heating chamber barrel can be removed for cold mist spraying applications.

Spun aluminum three quart capacity solution

SERVPRO of Guadalupe & Gonzales has some awesome equipment to take care of our clients needs. Call us at 830-379-7474.

Our New Green Giant

3/17/2015 (Permalink)

2014 Ram ProMaster

At the beginning of 2015, we were proudly able to add a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster to our fleet of vehicles here at SERVPRO of Guadalupe and Gonzales Counties. The eye-catching van is painted with SERVPRO’S signature green color and Guadalupe and Gonzales Counties written in bold letters on each side. The Promaster boasts a six speed automatic transmission and contains over 460 cubic feet of cargo capacity. “What is great about the Promaster, is that it is able to hold cargo while being covered which is especially important during the Hill Country’s wet winters”, Owner Carrie Simon says.  “It is also tall enough to have a 6ft tall person stand completely upright!” Considering Owner Channing Simon and Production Manager Cole Salyer are above 6 feet tall, this is a must! The vehicle also has rear doors that swing open 260 degrees, folding almost flat to the side of the van allowing optimum loading capability. Our Office Manager, Whitney Jackson excitedly says that she loves the Promaster and its comfortable cabin because, “It’s easy for short people to drive!” 

We service a 70-mile radius from Seguin and Gonzales regularly, not to mention the customers that we assist all the way down to Schulenburg and up to Helotes, so our spacious van has over 7,500 miles on it as of today.  Owner Channing Simon doesn’t mind putting so many miles on the vehicle because he says that it is, “A walking billboard.”  Along with our Promaster, we house a Ford 150 with an extended bed, a Chevrolet Silverado painted in our signature green, a GMC Box Truck that is also painted, a Texas Sierra Chevrolet and a Chevrolet Tahoe. These vehicles lend us the ability to tackle large loss situations in the event of a corporate facility’s water or fire loss and our adventures all around the country to help with Storm efforts.  Our Promaster is always on the go so if you see us driving along, give us a honk, and we hope to be in your town soon making it, “Like it never even happened.”